Artist's Statement

I paint from the inside out.  Introspection feeds my imagination that naturally moves outward through my paintbrushes in the expression of visual narratives. I make art to make sense of my place in the world. I am curious about why our world exists, and our interconnectedness, our ability as a species to create and destroy. I am inspired by storytelling and mythology, and by the dreams, visions, memories, and spiritualism (things unseen but felt) that evolve from personal experience as well as worldwide culture and belief systems. The narratives behind my work often unfold later; I draw or sketch the single images that bubble up and put them on the wall. Eventually the images begin to connect like puzzle pieces and more imagery from the evolving narrative ensues.  My current work reflects my personal shift away from the old male-authored scripts for women's place and value in the culture and ideology in which I grew up. The truths that are revealed as the myths are stripped away have thus far revealed the vitality and strength of the divine feminine energy. Because I paint introspectively, portraiture is a favorite genre that scratches my curiosity about why we are all here for me as well.